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Natural honey is regarded as one of the healthiest foods. After being sourced from various beehives, raw honey is tested on various parameters; including adulteration. Following these evaluations, honey is blended in the proper ratio to achieve the ideal texture, aroma, taste, and color.

This honey is produced by bees by collecting pollen from various flowers on our farm. We carefully process the honey by ensuring maximum quality and without any additives or adulterations. Once processed, it is stored safely away from sunlight after ensuring it meets the quality standard required. 

Health Benefits of Natural Honey

  1. Honey contains mostly sugar, as well as a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, and antioxidants. In addition to its use as a natural sweetener, honey is used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial agent. People commonly use honey orally to treat coughs and topically to treat burns and promote wound healing.
  2. Studies show antioxidants in honey might be associated with a reduced risk of heart disease. Eating honey regularly, especially as a sugar substitute, can lower triglyceride levels.

  3. Evidence suggests honey might help relieve gastrointestinal tract conditions such as diarrhea associated with gastroenteritis.

Food combinations

  • This honey pairs nicely with cereal and granola for breakfast.
  • It functions well in place of regular sugar in tea, coffee, and other hot beverages.
  • This honey’s sweetness complements the natural sweetness of many fruits in a delicious way.
  • One of the best methods for combining honey and nuts is to bake the honey into the nuts.
  • Honey is always a sweet treat, but for a rich topping on bread, potatoes, or vegetables, we recommend whipping up some honey butter at home.
  • Honey is a common ingredient in lightly sweet bisques, carrot, fruit, sweet potato and squash soups, and in soups flavored with curry, ginger, or chipotle seasoning.
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