Procured from the hilly regions of Tulsipur and the ghats of Maharashtra.  Honey bees make Honey using plenty of Jamun flower nectar. Jamun Honey is natural and genuine, harvested during its flowering season in India.

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Procured from the hilly regions of Tulsipur and the ghats of Maharashtra. Bees make Honey, collecting nectars from different flowers. Similarly, when they make Honey using plenty of Jamun flower nectar. 

You could sweeten your dishes from ladoos to cakes or toast and fruit. Jamun honey is Unifloral which means it contains predominantly the nectar of the Jamun flower. Jamun honey is unique in its taste because of the tinge of bitterness it carries. The sweetness, sourness, and bitter tinge when combined make for a true surprise to your taste buds. 

About Jamun flower

​Jamun tree has small white fragrant flowers. They are present in clusters at the tip of the stem. Jamun flowers are rich in nectar and pollen. In addition, we have a good flowering season in northern India during the month of May and June. In these months most of the other flowers have ceased to bloom. The long flowering season and richness of nectar in flowers are a treat for honey bees.​ 

Benefits of Jamun Honey

  • Heart Health: Loaded with potassium, Jamun Honey is actually quite beneficial for the heart. Besides keeping heart-related ailments such as high blood pressure and heart diseases at bay, this honey is actually a potent remedy to prevent strokes as well.
  • In Ayurveda, Jamun is considered as a highly effective fruit for fighting against diseases. In medical science, the benefits of honey in reducing the symptoms of diabetes such as urination and fatigue are well recorded.
  • It also contains a high index of Vitamin – C and therefore blesses a person with blemish-free and radiant skin.

This honey comes in a 250gm/500 gm/1 kg Glass Jar which can keep the content fresh for a very long time. Due to cold weather in some regions natural honey will crystallize which is actually a normal process ( this happens because of the glucose & fructose present in the honey), just place the jar in warm water or under the sun and make it liquid again.

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